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Welcome to InformationDairy in this article we are providing The Dhandho Investor In Hindi PDF Download this book is specially designed for businessmen. In this book, the author has described the Classic Dhandho Framework and they also described 6 Business Rules for Businessman.

We always show many start-up companies’ founders businessmen, and CEOs they talk about Higher returns and that we have to take higher risks. But Author Mohnish Pabrai talks about higher returns we don’t need higher risk, we can earn more returns with a small risk

About the author of The Dhandho Investor In Hindi

The author of this book is Mohnish Pabrai, The Dhandho Investor is the famous book of Mohnish Pabrai in which they talk about business in which we can get more rewards with small risks this is called The Dhandho Framework. Nowadays By using this framework the Marwaris, Gujaratis, and Sindhis communities have earned a good position for themselves in the world.

The Dhandho Investor
The Dhandho Investor

The Dhandho Investor In Hindi PDF Download Overview

Book NameThe Dhandho Invester
Author NameMohnish Pabrai
PDF Size2.8 MB
Total Pages209 Pages
Download LinkAvailable
Available on Amazon Yes

The Dhandho Investor In Hindi PDF Download

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